• Credit cards

    A few bad credit providers offer you the chance to rebuild your credit rating
  • Loans

    A select number of lenders won't hold your past credit problems against you.
  • Mortgages

    Get advice from a mortgage broker on the best deals for people with bad credit.
  • Car finance

    You could be driving away in a new car with finance from a specialist company.
Directory of companies sympathetic to people with bad credit

It is estimated that as many as one in four of the adult population in the UK have experienced some form of bad credit. If you're having difficulty getting a credit card, personal loan or mortgage due to poor credit history, don't despair as there are some lenders who are sympathetic to people who have experienced credit problems in the past.

Adverse credit problems can be linked to a loan default, rent or mortgage arrears, missing a payment on a mobile phone bill, county court judgements (CCJs), being a discharged bankrupt or other financial problems as a result of divorce or being made redundant.

Credit Cards

If you're having trouble getting a credit card or have been refused in the past, all is not lost as there are some credit card providers who offer credit cards to people with poor credit history or people with no previous credit history.

These providers who offer you the chance to rebuild your credit rating whilst enjoying the convenience of using a credit card.


Very often banks and other lenders are unwilling to provide loans for people with a poor credit rating. However there are a select number of lenders who won't hold your past credit problems against you and offer loans for people with adverse credit.

You can borrow money for any purpose buying a new car, home improvements or a holiday.


Most lenders only want to deal with people who have faultless credit histories and substantial deposits, but some do provide mortgages for people with bad credit history.

Money problems can affect everyone. Sometimes people get into debt through no fault of their own and, even if they have been to blame, want to sort things out.

Car Finance

Many high street banks and traditional lenders simply will not lend to people with poor credit history, so when you need finance to replace your car, your options can be limited.

Fortunately, some companies specialise in car finance for people who have been refused elsewhere. They're and not with any problems in your past.

Products you are more likely to be accepted for

Perhaps one of the biggest changes in attitude on the part of lenders in recent times is their approach to people with less than perfect credit histories. When the credit crunch and ensuing economic turbulence arrived in 2008, lenders en masse turned their backs on borrowers who had blotted their credit copybook.

In the current market, any past financial transgression will weigh heavily against you. If you are burdened with a low credit score, your choices of financial products will be severely restricted and may have already been declined credit. However, there are still some lenders who are more accommodating and this site promotes a selection of products where you have a higher chance of approval.